Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Other artists and the Seiler effect.

It's great that there are so many friendly guys and gals out there who not only share their art via Blog posts, etc, but also offer advice and tutorials. I keep thumbing through Jason Seiler's 2008-2009 book amazed that you can't tell the "digi" caricatures from the traditionallly painted ones. I keep referring to his tutorial within the book and i now have a more defined and refined work flow regarding my own art.

I have also learnt about other artists out there and have come to realise that Mr Seiler must have been put on this earth by some God-like being to spread the good word of the Art-Lord. He is to me an un-paid teacher who helps in more ways that he realises and i am amongst so many greatful students.

If i have failed to add anyone on my Blog-List of great artists please hit me up and say hi :-)


justin said...

great blog congratulations

Scott said...

Thanks Justin and Hi :-)

rohoayati said...

a visit to fellow bloggers across the country. we expect many to get the link from you. be willing to give our blog links