Sunday, 15 May 2011

Friends and stuff

Please listen to this :-)  A guy who makes his own music and is enjoying success too. Talented artists come in all different shapes and this one comes in a star shape.

I have struggled to produce art i like consistently. Anyone have any good advice to overcome this hurdle? Appreciated if you do stop by on this blog to offer your thoughts.



Toby K said...

I'm in no position to give advice as I'm so inexperienced myself but my thoughts are you have to be enthousiastic about what you're doing. Pick a person/idea YOU really want to create a piece of art of, and think about how you would like to make it. Just think, 'this piece will be my best ever' work hard on it and you will start to impress yourself with your skill, try doing that with each piece and they will be consistently great, and hopefully you'll like them:) Thanks - TK

Scott said...

It's good advice, Tobester. I have been entering competitions and pumping out the caricatures to please the voters rather than myself. I should be more picky about ones i want to caricature and ones that i'm not bothered about. You are in a position to give advice because you continue to improve and you well deserve the attention,thanks for stopping by :-)