Saturday, 20 October 2012

Trying to paint a long a busy life....

Busy, busy but stll paintin'

A guy called to say that he worked in the field of neurology and had gotten a juggler to teach him to juggle in 3 hours. He wanted to employ me to teach him to caricature within 3 hours and pay me. when he offered £10.00 per hour i had to stifle my laughter, draw some breath, and give him my going rate as a on-the-spot caricaturist. He then told me it was just supposed to be a bit of fun and didn't want to pay to much. Teach him to caricature within 3 hours???? Is that not an insult to the worlds caricaturists and their struggle to improve and learn how to caricature over years and years.

My message to him is " Go juggle".

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